This is a conveyor when a premium technology is needed while transporting fragile tablets, capsules, coffee, granules and other fragile products in the pharmaceutical, food and nutraceutical industries. It also makes sense when there is a big demand on high throughput performance with a small foot print.

Piab acquires Kenoskenos logo

Acquisition enables Piab to enter the large area vacuum gripper market at full speed. A strategic step towards building the global leader in industrial automation components.


PIAB’s amazing vacuum generators now combined into one convenient package, with integrated functions and controls.

Value Line®value line

A new product range of low cost suction cups and vacuum generators for the fast turnaround market. These are designed to offer high quality at very affordable prices.

The best way to move powders

Piab’s air-driven vacuum conveyors are the best, most efficient  and cleanest way to move powders in your production plant.

  • Dust free
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance

pigrip_bagPiab Vacuum Cups and Grippers

Grip – Hold – Accelerate … like never before

Piab’s market-leading piGRIP® modular suction cup system  allows you to customise a solution for your needs. Modular suction cups take gripping to new dimensions – with literally thousands of possible combinations!


Duraflex Suction Cups

These unique dual-hardness cups combine a strong, stable body with a high-sealing and soft flexible lip. Ideally suited for applications where micro-leakage can occur, eg when a suction cup does not properly conform to a handled material.

  • Durable
  • High sealing capacity
  • Exceptional grip on all surfaces

Vaculex in action

Vaculex tube lifters are…


  • Simple to install, easy to use
  • Excellent in many handling operations
  • Modular system for easy adaption
  • Designed for safe, ergonomic lifts

Watch the video to see Vaculex in action.

COAX_CartridgesCOAX® – leading air-driven vacuum

Piab vacuum pumps/generators are predominately based on the patented COAX® technology. COAX® is an advanced solution for creating vacuum with compressed air, based on Piab’s multistage technology.

  • COAX® cartridges are smaller, more efficient and more reliable
  • Design a flexible, modular and efficient vacuum system
  • Increase vacuum flow
  • Increase speed with high reliability
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%


Vaculex & Microlex

Efficient, versatile and user-friendly vacuum tube lifters

Vaculex – for use with two hands, for lifts between 30kg and 200 kg.
Microlex – can be operated with one hand, for loads between 5kg and 30 kg.

  • Simple to install, very easy to use
  • Built on a modular system for easy adaption to lift virtually any object
  • Designed for safe, ergonomic lifts between 5 and 200 kg
  • Good ergonomics is good economics – reduce lifting injuries!


Custom Solutions

40 years industry experience + Our wide range of products = Your perfect solution

Reduce lifting injuries

Even light loads of 10–15 kg can cause serious repetitive strain injuries. piVAC Africa solutions can help to improve ergonomics, safety and productivity.

Microlex One-hand Lifter

Vaculex ML is a one hand operated vacuum lifter which is easily customized to adapt to most handling situations with loads weighing between 5 and 55 kg.

Piab Vacuum Academy Training

Hands-on training by our piVAC Africa staff on the latest products and techniques, enables you to use vacuum more effectively.

Vacuum Academy Articles

Suction Cups

How does a suction cup work? A suction cup adheres to a surface as the surrounding pressure (atmospheric pressure) is higher than the pressure  between the suction cup and the surface. To create the low pressure in the suction cup it is connected to a vacuum pump. The lower the pressure (higher vacuum), the greater […]

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Optimising Controls

Aside from placing the pump close to the point of suction, it is important to complete and optimise your vacuum system with control accessories  that will limit the use of compressed air to the amount that the system requires. This way, you will have an efficient vacuum system with minimum  usage of compressed air. Piab […]

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Vacuum systems

When making a vacuum system/lifting device there are several different methods to increase safety and reliability. To give efficient operation and good economy it is important that the designed system is made for a specific application. In addition to the choice of suction cups with attachments, the type and size of vacuum pumps, accessories, safety […]

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Measuring Vacuum Flow

Vacuum flow – how is it measured? In order to obtain pressure lower than atmospheric pressure in a container, some of the air mass must be removed by a vacuum pump. For  example, half the air mass must be removed to obtain a vacuum level of 50 -kPa. The air evacuated by the pump per […]

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