FEBA and SAS Automation

Piab has acquired FEBA Automation, headquartered in Germany, a developer and producer of robotic gripping solutions for customers in the manufacturing industry. The acquisition follows the recent addition to Piab of US-based SAS Automation, a leading developer and manufacturer of mechanical grippers and robotic end-of-arm tooling systems.

Through the acquisitions of FEBA Automation and SAS Automation, Piab is complementing its leading offering in vacuum automation solutions with mechanical grippers and end-of-arm tooling, thereby responding to customers’ demand for a single supplier of gripping and moving solutions, and strengthening Piab’s position in the US, Germany and China, as well as in high-growth end-markets.

piFLOW®p – Wet-in-Place

Piab introduces Wet-In-Place (WIP) as an option for piFLOW®p conveyors.

Expanding the piFLOW®p functionality through the introduction of Wet-In-Place (WIP) with triple nozzle configuration and guided spray nozzles that will help to guarantee safe working environments for operators, including shorter down time during cleaning process of the conveyor.


This is a conveyor when a premium technology is needed while transporting fragile tablets, capsules, coffee, granules and other fragile products in the pharmaceutical, food and nutraceutical industries. It also makes sense when there is a big demand on high throughput performance with a small foot print.


PIAB’s amazing vacuum generators now combined into one convenient package, with integrated functions and controls.


With a vacuum tube lifter you can lift boxes, sacks, drums, sheet metal, computers, crates, barrels, TVs and much more – depending on equipment and accessories. The design consists of a pump, vacuum hose, lift tube, control unit and finally a suction foot or possibly a gripping tool which is adapted to your needs.

Vaculex in action

Vaculex tube lifters are…


  • Simple to install, easy to use
  • Excellent in many handling operations
  • Modular system for easy adaption
  • Designed for safe, ergonomic lifts

Watch the video to see Vaculex in action.

Piab Suction CupsPiab suction cups

Grip – Hold – Accelerate, like never before

Piab’s market-leading piGRIP® modular suction cup system  allows you to customise a solution for your needs. Modular suction cups take gripping to new dimensions – with literally thousands of possible combinations!

Duraflex Suction CupsDuraflex suction cups

These unique dual-hardness cups combine a strong, stable body with a high-sealing and soft flexible lip. Ideally suited for applications where micro-leakage can occur, eg when a suction cup does not properly conform to a handled material.

  • Durable
  • High sealing capacity
  • Exceptional grip on all surfaces

The best way to move powders

Piab’s air-driven vacuum conveyors are the best, most efficient  and cleanest way to move powders in your production plant.

  • Dust free
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance



Piab introduces Wet-In-Place (WIP) as an option for piFLOW®p conveyors.


Kenos® is a leading brand for large area vacuum grippers. It is designed and optimized to be used in various applications e.g. packaging, wood, food etc.

Custom Solutions

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