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About Gigasense…

Gigasense is an ISO 9001 Certified Company

Gigasense is an ISO 9001 Certified Company

Gigasense operates around the world through carefully selected local partners in the Force Measurement and Crane Safety business. Its operations focus on developing high-quality products for force measurement, overload protection and anti-collision in hoisting, bulk transport and line construction.

piVAC Africa distribute a range of Gigasense products, including Dynamometers, Electronic Rope Tension Meters, and Overload Guard systems.


The PIAB Dynamometer is excellent for measurement and control of tension forces and weight, where accuracy, reliability and safety in all conditions is required. The PIAB Dynamometer conforms to the International Standards for Safety Inspectorates. The PIAB Dynamometer is an all-weather instrument, equally suitable for use in the laboratory as in the field for weighing and measuring mechanical tension forces.


In line construction it is important to control the installed tension of conductors according to type and conditions. For field work light and robust equipment is especially important. The PIAB Dynamometers are used for this duty all over the world.

Product Features:

  • Can temporarily be overloaded by 100% without affecting the accuracy.
  • Fully pressure tight, and each instrument is pressure tested.
  • The PIAB Dynamometer can be equipped for remote reading or contact functions (micro switches).
  • Available with polyester lacquering for use in very corrosive environment.


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The dynamometer’s power-absorbing element consists of specially made Belleville type spring washers, designed to be entirely free from wear, and the spring washers cannot be overloaded. The PIAB Dynamometer can be overloaded with 100% without affecting the accuracy.


The PIAB Dynamometer has a safety factor of 5:1 and it is guaranteed to withstand a load of 5 times full scale reading before rupture. The O-ring of the pull rod is protected by a neoprene rubber membrane. On instantaneous unloading, e.g. breaking test, the return movement of the pull rod is retarded by a specially made spring washer. The PIAB Dynamometer is approved by the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health for integral connection in the carrying system of a lifting device and for weighing of test loads in connection with inspection.

Contact function

The PIAB Dynamometer can be equipped with a built-on adjustable contact head. Using a micro switch, which is directly influenced by the pull rod, the PIAB Dynamometer gives an electrical contact function at a previously set value. The electrical connections are made in the terminal box to a numbered connection block.

Protection against corrosion

The PIAB Dynamometer is fully pressure tight and each instrument is pressure tested. No leakage is permitted. The external surfaces are Zinc plated with clear chromate passivation. If the dynamometer is to be used in a very corrosive environment, it can be polyester lacquered. On special request the PIAB Dynamometer can be supplied Nickel plated.

Dynamometer for remote reading

The PIAB Dynamometer used for remote reading is supplied with a built-in precision potentiometer. The potentiometer is directly connected to the scale mechanism of the PIAB instrument. The electrical resistance of the potentiometer varies in proportion to the load on the PIAB Dynamometer. The resistance is indicated on a receiving instrument, calibrated individually and marked with the same serial number as the dynamometer. The connection to the PIAB Dynamometer is made through a terminal box mounted on the surface of the PIAB Dynamometer . If a PIAB Dynamometer with potentiometer is delivered without receiving instrument, a resistance chart with at least 10 incremental values is included.

Rope Tension Meter

The PIAB RTM 20D can be used in applications where accurate measurement in pre loaded wire ropes is required. Such applications can be stay ropes, suspension ropes, catenary ropes etc. The PIAB RTM 20D is applied direct to the rope and the measured tension value is presented digitally.

Range of Application

  • Designed to swiftly and accurately measure the tension in fixed or stationary ropes or cables i.e. guy wires for masts and/or towers or other guyed constructions. The PIAB RTM 20D will also be very useful in determining the tension in overhead suspension ropes for railways catenarys.
  • The PIAB RTM 20D can be used to measure tension forces up to 20 metric ton and for wire ropes with a diameter of up to 38 mm.
  • Thanks to the use of microprocessor technology the PIAB RTM 20D can be calibrated on up to 10 different wire rope dimensions/types. The digital read out display will clearly show the tension of the wire rope selected. No calibration tables are required.


The PIAB RTM 20D is very simple and handy to use. Simply hold and ”clip” it to the rope to be tested and use the large hand screw to deflect the rope to a fixed angle. The resultant force will then affect the load cell and measure the tension in the wire rope.

The resultant signal is digitally processed and displayed in a graduation selected and pre programmed. The PIAB RTM 20D can be graduated in kN, klb. or in metric ton.


The PIAB RTM 20D is a delicate testing instrument for swift, handy and accurate testing of pre-tensioned stationary ropes. Thanks to the design of the instrument it can temporarily be overloaded with 100% of its nominal capacity without affecting the accuracy of the instrument. Tempered outer rope supports and centre clamping jaw give the instrument a long service life with accurate measurements.

The PIAB RTM 20D is delivered in a robust and light weight transport case (760 x 400 x 170 mm) for easy handling and protection of the instrument.

Overload Guard (LKV)

The PIAB LKV Overload Guard is intended for use as an overload guard/load guard / force control switch / crane guard / load limiter or as a slack rope switch in lifting equipment. The PIAB LKV is designed for forces up to 16 ton metric in a single rope part and for max. 44 mm rope diameter.

Easy Installation

The PIAB LKV is ususally delivered with a factory pre-set switch value, thus eliminating time consuming and expensive installations.

  1. Install the PIAB LKV directly to the static rope part close to the anchor point or close to a compensating pulley. It is not necessary to unload the rope for the installation of the PIAB LKV.
  2. In case the switch value is to be set at installation, then use the spanner provided for this purpose. Check the switch value with a buzzer or similar device.
  3. Connect the PIAB LKV electrically, e.g., to the control circuit of the hoisting movement or the top limit switch.
  4. Test load the hoist for control and re-adjust the switch value if necessary.
  5. Seal the set value with the locking clamp and the padlock provided.



The PIAB LKV is attached to a stationary rope part on a hoisting system or crane. The rope is deflected trough a slight angle between the two wheels and the clamping jaw. When loaded, the rope tends to straighten. The resultant force is applied to the pull rod. When the pre-set switch value is reached, the pull rod operates a micro switch and a close/open circuit is made. The spring element of the load cell is pre-loaded, reducing pull rod movement to the last 25% of full load.


The PIAB LKV Overload Guard /Load Guard / force control switch / crane guard / load limiter is installed “parallel to the hoisting system” and therefore not directly included in the rope system and does not affect the construction of the lifting equipment. The locking device prevents unauthorized interference with the switch setting. In spite of the changes that normally take place on the rope diameter, the PIAB LKV maintains its set switch value even after fitting to a new rope. As the PIAB LKV is fully pressure tight (IP 67), it is well protected against dust, dirt, moisture, frost and other environmental conditions. The power-absorbing element consists of specially made Belleville washers dimensioned to resist fatigue. The spring washers cannot be overloaded.


  • The PIAB LKV is delivered for tension forces up to 16 ton metric and for rope diameters up to 44 mm.
  • Repeatability: ± 1,5% of max. rated capacity of LKV
  • Installation: Directly on the wire rope in minutes, with 2 bolts and 1 cable, close to the anchor point or an equalizing pulley.
  • Protection class: Pre-set from factory, conforming to IP 67 according to IEC 529.
  • Capacity: PIAB LKV:s cover loads from 40 to 16 000 kg (90-35000 lb.) in 8 different capacities and up to 44 mm (1 3/4 inch) wire rope diameter.
  • Can temporarily be overloaded by 100% without affecting the accuracy.
  • Does not need to be adjusted when wire rope is changed.
  • More than 12 000 PIAB LKV Overload Guards are in operation world wide.
  • Maintenance free!
  • Please supply Safe Working Load (SWL), of hoisting system, number of falls and rope diameter plus required switch value when ordering.