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Suction Cups

How does a suction cup work? A suction cup adheres to a surface as the surrounding pressure (atmospheric pressure) is higher than the pressure  between the suction cup and the surface. To create the low pressure in the suction cup it is connected to a vacuum pump. The lower the pressure (higher vacuum), the greater […]

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Optimising Controls

Aside from placing the pump close to the point of suction, it is important to complete and optimise your vacuum system with control accessories  that will limit the use of compressed air to the amount that the system requires. This way, you will have an efficient vacuum system with minimum  usage of compressed air. Piab […]

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Vacuum systems

When making a vacuum system/lifting device there are several different methods to increase safety and reliability. To give efficient operation and good economy it is important that the designed system is made for a specific application. In addition to the choice of suction cups with attachments, the type and size of vacuum pumps, accessories, safety […]

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Measuring Vacuum Flow

Vacuum flow – how is it measured? In order to obtain pressure lower than atmospheric pressure in a container, some of the air mass must be removed by a vacuum pump. For  example, half the air mass must be removed to obtain a vacuum level of 50 -kPa. The air evacuated by the pump per […]

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