Optimising Controls

Aside from placing the pump close to the point of suction, it is important to complete and optimise your vacuum system with control accessories  that will limit the use of compressed air to the amount that the system requires. This way, you will have an efficient vacuum system with minimum  usage of compressed air. Piab has a range of optimising controls and this selection guide will help you to choose the one(s) optimal for your system.


Energy saving can be achieved in many ways, but the most simple way is by using a pressure regulator to control your pump’s optimum feed pressure.

AQR – Atmospheric Quick Release

Instead of using compressed air to release objects you can use AQR’s to provide a fast release. The AQR is a valve that breaks vacuum seal in e.g. suction cups by equalizing pressure with atmospheric air and at the same time do not consume additional compressed air.

PCC – Piab Cruise Control

The PCC automatically regulates the feed pressure towards an optimal programmed vacuum level. Fluctuations in vacuum pressure caused by product variations or changes in cycle time allow the pump to only consume the amount of air that the optimised vacuum level requires.


When handling sealed objects many times the vacuum pump can be turned off when not needed. The Vacustat’s are vacuum-controlled valves that shut off the flow of compressed air to the pump when the pre-set vacuum level is reached (1). From micro leakage in the system, the vacuum level drops, and after a while the start-up level of the valve is reached (2). At this point, the pump will start and work until the shut-off level is reached again (3) etc.

academy_optimisingcontrolsAVM™ – Automatic Vacuum Management

Like the Vacustat the AVM™ instantly shuts off the flow of compressed air when the pre-programmed vacuum level is reached and turns on  again when the start-up level of the valve is reached. The AVM™ not only saves energy it also features a complete monitoring system with on/off valves and vacuum switches.

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