Piab is proud to introduce the first vacuum generators with integrated controls belonging to the piCOMPACT®23 platform – a new larger member of the piCOMPACT® family. The piCOMPACT range of vacuum generators combine the efficiency and power of the Piab multistage cartridges with integrated controls and features.

The ejectors are powered by brand new COAX® multistage cartridges – SX12 and SX42 with large flow capacity in combination with good vacuum levels and high reliability, even in dusty and humid environments. This is extremely good in packaging lines where dust from cardboard and similar can affect the ejectors.

piCompact 23 – High reliability in Dusty and Challenging Environments

With both SX12 and SX42 in place, the piCOMPACT®23 family is complete from a vacuum performance point of view. The capacity span will cover single-stage ejectors from 1.2 mm – 3.0 mm and still offer up to 50% lower energy consumption than our nearest competitor. An additional “top silencer” is also released to suit the SX42

Flexible Design

The piCOMPACT®23 platform is designed in the same way as the smaller piCOMPACT®10X with maximum configuration flexibility to suit the customers needs. Our flexible design has proven to be one of the best unique selling points against competitor’s corresponding vacuum generators with integrated controls.

piCOMPACT®23 stand-alone has the same functions and features as the smaller piCOMPACT®10X, but upsized to give more flow for larger vacuum systems.

Integrated Customisable Controls

piCOMPACT® is an ejector family with integrated controls, so called compact or ”all-in-one” ejector unit. It is a stackable platform with the possibility to mount several units on the same manifold and have common pneumatic and electrical connections. The focus during development has been on the most significant ”key criteria” for these types of pumps, reliability and speed, as well as introducing some brand new attractive features and functions. That in combination with our state-of-the-art vacuum engine, COAX®, the product is outstanding. By working at low feed pressure and maximizing efficient use of compressed air, the COAX® ejectors reduce energy consumption for manufacturers while increasing productivity and reliability.

Intelligent Energy Saving System

The intelligent Energy-Saving (ES) function effectively turns off the compressed air usage when set vacuum level is achieved.(a bit like a thermostat does for temperature controls) An additional feature connected to the ES function, ACM (Automatic Condition Monitoring), eliminates the issue of ”motor-boating”, where the vacuum generator cycles on and off repeatedly in case of leakage of a minor leak. ACM automatically senses if ES is needed or not. It can also be used for monitoring when it is time to replace worn out suction cups, as a leakage warning signal is available. With integrated dust resistant, fast switching valves for on/off and blow-off as part of the complete piCOMPACT® package, reliability, uptime and speed of operation can be ensured.

Wide Range of customisable Vacuum Ejectors

The piCOMPACT® vacuum ejectors are available in a broad selection to fit with a variety of systems, including those that require very low feed pressure or extra deep vacuum levels. In addition, the compact ejectors can be easily integrated into existing production lines with no modifications required, and can be quickly configured to meet individual manufacturing needs.

Great for many different Industries and Applications

Products in the piCOMPACT® range are ideal for robot handling systems. It can be used in the pick-and-place industry picking up of small parts. Great for electronics, semiconductor, as well as in packaging and plastics. For medium and larger robot systems, the piCOMPACT®23 platform is ideal in applications such as palletizing, sheet-metal press-to-press transfer and loading/unloading of large sheets in different materials.
We are confident in our belief that many customers will benefit from our strategy in providing a highly modular concept. It can easily be configured to suit everyone’s specific needs. There is no other such a versatile pump on the market as the new piCOMPACT®23.