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Extremely lightweight and yet robust – the new Kenos®Safe&Light palletizing tool allows to maximize robot usability

SME’s are more and more looking into automizing manually performed palletizing processes. Using cobots or small industrial robots for this purpose, they need easy to install and operate gripping solutions. Robustness and versatility are further requirements to keep machine times up and to maximize usability. The Kenos® Safe&Light (KSL) palletizing tool from Piab is just that – a robust, simple and in addition extremely lightweight solution for a broad range of applications – particularly heavy duty applications – in rugged and dusty environments.

With a payload of up to 59 kilograms, depending on the selected gripper size, the KSL is ideal for cardboard handling in warehouse and e-commerce applications, as well as wood parts, construction material handling or production end-of-line processes. The combination of its lightweight with its high payload makes the KSL allows for a  cost-effective system solutions. Depending on the items to be handled, this can be a cobot or a small industrial robot, which is also often used in standard palletizing cells.

Equipped with EasyFoam pads, the KSL can be optimally configured to match specific applications. Its magnetic attachment allows quick and easy exchange of the foam for an extensive number of times, thereby reducing downtimes for replacement.

Thanks to its special design of a carbon fiber structure holding a foam-made body, it is extremely lightweight enabling to make maximum use of the robot or cobot payload. This can help to tremendously save on system costs as a smaller robot or cobot may be sufficient for the respective applications. Additionally, this design makes it a naturally adapted solution for collaborative applications.

The grippers are available with either valve or flow restriction technology. The customer has the choice between a solution with an independent check valve system that ensures a constant vacuum level and does not require any adjustment. Alternatively, an economic solution with a calibrated holes system that allows picking items upside down can be used.

The KSL gripper can be equipped with either internal or external vacuum generation. A valve kit for a vacuum ejector is optionally available. When utilizing this gripper with a UR cobot a UR cap is included in the offering, enabling a plug&play solution. The gripper is also suitable for use with all other types of cobots or small industrial robots on the market.

Customer benefits at a glance:

  • A cobot friendly designed gripper with a very low weight allowing maximizing cobot payload
  • Uninterrupted processes in rugged and dusty environments thanks to its heavy duty, robust design, materials and valve technology
  •  Low downtimes due to the magnetic EasyFoam system for quick and easy foam replacement

Main Applications:

  • Production end-of-line processes
  • Packaging  / Warehousing
  • Wood parts handling