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Four useful additions to Piab’s Automotive suction cups

Four new cups are now added to the Automotive suction cup series. The new cups extend the PAF (Piab Automotive Flat) and PAB (Piab Automotive Bellow) families with two new sizes each – Ø100mm and Ø125mm.  

The automotive suction cups support industry standards as to dimensions and interfaces and simplify deployment and installation. However, these suction cups are just as useful for applications outside the automotive sector. And now even more so thanks to our new 100 mm and 125 mm cups. 
Both the new and previous assortment are made of 60 shore (A) silicon free Nitril-PVC creating a durable hence cost-effective product. The automotive suction cups have friction cleats to withstand shear forces during operation. All models come with a molded-in aluminum insert, to enable either dedicated fitting solutions or any Piab equivalent including our quick-connect system T-slot. The automotive suction cups are designed to operate even at low vacuum levels to guarantee a safe “vacuum reserve” for any lift.

PAB – Piab Automotive Bellows (7 different sizes, diam. 30-125 mm): 

  • Developed for thin metal sheets in automotive applications  
    With bellows that give a smooth grip
  • Compensates for minor deviations in connection angles and height differences, both on the object and the grip area
  • Suitable for flat and uneven/curved surfaces
  • Handles both dry and oily surfaces
  • Withstand shear forces 

PAF – Piab Automotive Flat (7 different sizes, diam. 30-125 mm): 

  • Flat without bellows 
  • Designed for flat even surfaces, e.g. thin metal sheets in automotive applications
  • Suitable for high-speed applications due to rapid evacuation and firm design that can withstand accelerations and forces from fast automated handling movements.
  • Designed to handle both dry and oily surfaces
  • Extra resistant to high shear forces

Main Applications

  • Designed to handle thin metal sheets, dry as well as oily, in automotive applications
  • Suitable for operations within different industrial sectors, e.g. white goods, final assembly, aerospace, wood industry and many more. 

Related products

  • FSCM®: Flexible Suction Cup Mount, a flexible mounting system for suction cups, especially developed with the Automotive industry in mind. 
  • piCOMPACT®: Piab’s ejector products (vacuum ejectors), with a good fit towards automotive industry.
  • piSAFE®: Centralized or decentralized vacuum system, EOAT or stand-alone – The piSAFE program provides configurable and low weight products with high vacuum safety and performance. 
  • Duraflex® friction cup program: A good complement to Piab’s Automotive cups, “high-end” suction cups for very demanding applications.