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Mini but mighty – the new Kenos®MiniGrip offers a stable and rigid hold even on rough surfaces

In packaging or food and beverage industry automation processes need to be able to deal with single products as well as complete product layers.
The Kenos®MiniGrip (MKG) is a versatile, compact, easy to install, mini foam vacuum gripper. This small gripper can be installed in arrays in an end-of-arm tool (EOAT). The rectangular version is equipped with multiple suction holes that forgive mispositioning of individual parts and additionally allow handling multiple objects at the same time. The round KMGs can be obtained with either flow restriction or check valve technology.  Both, the rectangular and round grippers, perfectly complement Piab’s current portfolio, behaving like a super mini foam gripper, compensating for irregularities of the product surface, rugosity and variances in shapes. Additionally, the KMG offers a rigid support.

The Kenos®KMG is a vacuum foam gripper that can be adapted to tight clearance applications in an EOAT similar to a suction cup. Its foam surface offers the versatility to pick a variety of different objects without adjustment. In case of uneven layer heights the KMG can be equipped with level compensators without needing to change the mounting device.

The vacuum generation device can be installed directly on or close to the KMG to maximize its capacity and efficiency.

Available in round or rectangular format the Kenos®KMG offers a stable and rigid hold even on uneven, rough, structured or textured surfaces and can be used to pick up objects of porous or non-porous materials. With its round multiple suction holes, the rectangular gripper can be used to either grip objects smaller than the gripper surface, alternatively multiple objects or a single object that fully covers the gripper or is even larger than its surface. The flow restriction technology based grippers are particularly suitable for high speed applications and can be rotated up to 360°.

The round KMG is available in sizes from 25mm to 70mm in diameter. The rectangular version is available with a width ranging from 20mm to 40mm and length between 60mm and 120mm.

Customer benefits:

  • High versatility paired with flexibility for different sizes of EOAT enabling the use in mass productions
  • Multi-suction capabilities due to the special hole design of the rectangular gripper
  • Increased productivity and high efficiency thanks to reduced number of mispicks


  • Production and packaging of FMCG products
  • Packaging of food and beverage products such as airfoiled cookies, bottles or cans
  • Handling of small, non-flat parts in production