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Piab launches the P suction cups series with profiled rubber strips

Constantly optimizing its portfolio and closing gaps to make vacuum technology available even for niche applications, Piab has developed a specific set of suction cups for rough textured surfaces.

The new P series of suction cups is particularly suitable for handling strongly structured, uneven flat surfaces such as stone tiles, wood or checker plates. Made of aluminum with an EPDM rubber profile seal that can be easily replaced, when worn out, they enable the use of vacuum technology on surfaces for which it has so far not been considered. The P suction cup series is available in three sizes, i.e. 35mm, 60mm and 100mm and with one fitting per size.

Customer benefits:

  • Reliable handling of rough materials with these extremely strong and durable suction cups
  • Cost sensitive and environmentally friendly solution as only the EPDM profile is affected by wear and tear and can be exchanged easily not requiring the whole suction cup to be replaced

Application areas

  • Building industry – handling stone tiles and bricks
  • Wood industry – handling rough unworked beams
  • Metal industry – handling checker plates
  • Any other rough or heavily structured and uneven surfaces