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Piab’s #1 item picker family is now extended with the smaller cup size of 25 mm and additional features

Solutions to reduce the downtime of the machines to change the tooling between the different applications, as well as the energy efficiency are now even more important in automated processes. The #1 item picker family from Piab can be used in a variety of applications without changes to the system and with its excellent gripping capabilities optimize the energy consumption.

Since their introduction in early 2021, MX multi-purpose suction cups have been successfully deployed in many applications. Now Piab introduces the smaller member in the product family.

Small size, flexible application

With a diameter of just 25 mm, the new MX25 is the smallest suction cup in the successful MX family . But just like its larger siblings, it is a true multi-purpose suction cup and can pick objects made of a wide variety of materials and with different geometries. Thanks to its smaller size, it is ideal for precisely gripping small objects, for example in e-commerce and intra-logistic applications as well as in waste sorting and recycling.

When handling larger objects, several MX25 suction cups can be placed on an End-of-Arm tooling and so increase the lifting area and spread the load for a safer and more reliable grip, especially in the application where speed is essential. In addition, the disposure of the lifting force across the utilized suction cups in an EOAT extend their longevity.

To further reduce the maintenance time the push-in fitting allows a more easy assembly and disassembly.

New accessories for more efficiency

The MX suction cups have been convincing as multi-purpose suction cups right from the start. They simply grip nearly everything, regardless of the material and geometry. This flexibility is now topped thanks to the option to add additional bellow (3 bellows) from piGRIP® assortment to the MX35-65 suction cups. The additional bellows increase the suction cup height and turn the MX suction cups into true super-flexi item picker, which can pick objects of different heights and dimensions in the same application. This flexibility is exactly what is needed to meet increasingly individual requirements in logistics and picking industries.

The MX35-65 suction cup sizes can now also be configured with bellow mounted filter discs. The enlarged filter surface can further support/help to reduce the maintenance time, especially in dusty environments.

Experience the benefits of the #1 item picker:

  • More sustainable and energy efficient operations thanks to low vacuum flow, which reduces the use of the compressed air
  • Exceptional sealing capabilities enable to handle different object types with various geometries and surface textures
  • Low wrinkle impact and a flawless appearance of the packaging thanks to the low vacuum level
  • Secure and stable grip for high-speed applications even with low vacuum levels
  • Extended longevity thanks to elastic and wear-resistant DURAFLEX® material

Main Applications:

  • Ideal for handling bags, pouches, cardboard boxes, recycled objects and much more