WSL Long angle clamps


  Allows for top mounting of gripper arms and holders to frame profile.
  Adjustable parallel and perpendicular to the frame.

  Aluminum clamps are more rigid for instances where precise locating is needed such as GRF gripper fingers and ASZ cutters.
  Hex head screws available upon request.
  Use with L-Type, X-Type, JX-Type, HX-Type, and D-Type profile.

0213029 – WSL 10 AL Long Angle Clamp
0213037 – WSL 10 TRB Long Angle Clamps
0213030 – WSL 14 AL Long Angle Clamp
0213038 – WSL 14 TRB Long Angle Clamps
0213031 – WSL 20 AL Long Angle Clamp
0213039 – WSL 20 TRB Long Angle Clamps
0213032 – WSL 30 AL Long Angle Clamp
0213040 – WSL 30 TRB Long Angle Clamps

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
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