Union Tee

  Accepts FEP, PFA, nylon, soft nylon, and polyurethane tubes
  Fluid: air, water
  Operating pressure range: -100kPa~1MPa

  Release collar allows easy removal of tubing without causing damage to the tube
  This product is not intended for use in potable water systems
  *Sold in Packs of 10

0214690 – T06-00-10 Union Tee
0214693 – T06-08-10 Union Tee
0214686 – T04-00-10 Union Tee
0214688 – T04-06-10 Union Tee
0214695 – T08-00-10 Union Tee

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
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