SZD Sensor capable cylinders with clamps


  Perfect for securing sides or flexing parts.
  Usually utilized with GSE arms and vacuum cups or GRF gripper fingers (not included).

  Double Acting Cylinder.
  *Optional sensor: RRK-DFSHN, RRK-DFSHP

0213118 – SZD 12-10-A Special Cylinder
0213119 – SZD 12-20-A Special Cylinder
0213120 – SZD 20-10-A Special Cylinder
0213121 – SZD 20-20-A Special Cylinder
0213122 – SZD 20-30-A Special Cylinder
0213123 – SZD 20-50-A Special Cylinder
0213124 – SZD 32-10-A Special Cylinder
0213125 – SZD 32-20-A Special Cylinder
0213126 – SZD 32-30-A Special Cylinder
0213127 – SZD 32-50-A Special Cylinder

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
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