Special designed friction cups for oily surfaces, such as sheets in metal forming processes.
  Normal wear on friction cup will not affect the long term shear force performance.
  Best choice if > 0,1g/m2 press oil is used on the sheet.
  Thanks to the strong grip on oily surfaces, the suction cups can withstand high shear forces, typically 2–4 times more than corresponding conventional suction cups.

  The “OBF” design is suitable for oblong objects with domed and flat surfaces, such as those encountered with body parts in the automotive industry.
  Can handle objects with height differences.
  Fitting option, male G3/8″, with a swivel function prior to the locking operation, for easy positioning of the oval cup.
  DURAFLEX® suction cups manufactured in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane. The material does not leave any marks on the objects handled.

  0122287 – Suction cup OBF35X90P Polyurethane 55/60, 3/8″ NPT female
  0119121 – Suction cup OBF35x90P Polyurethane 55/60, G3/8″ male, with mesh filter
  0121436 – Suction cup OBF35x90P Polyurethane 55/60, M10x1.5 male
  0200694 – Suction cup OBF35x90P Polyurethane 55/60, G3/8″ female, 17 mm thread
  0119123 – Suction cup OBF35x90P Polyurethane 55/60, G3/8″ female
  0213929 – Suction cup OBF35x90P Polyurethane 55/60, T-slot with mesh filter
  0213915 – Suction cup OBF35X90P G1/4″ female
  0242504 – Suction cup OBF35x90P Polyurethane 60/62 MM14M

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
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