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PIAB is introducing the MX suction cup family

The MX-cups are outstanding for picking various objects of different materials. Designed primarily for logistics, warehousing, e-commerce and re-cycling applications – this is a truly multi-purpose suction cup with extreme gripping capabilities on many different surfaces. The cups are highly engineered, created to support picking multiple types of objects. This new suction cup family is compatible with all piGRIP® fittings and their features.

Multi-purpose suction cup

Extreme gripping capabilities on many surfaces. Targeting logistics, e-commerce, warehousing and re-cycling applications. Excellent for handling difficult bags, pouches, cardboard boxes, recycled objects and much more.

“We tested Piab’s new MX50 suction cups for our packaging applications on baby wipe packages. The cup gave me the impression of having a quicker grip time and stronger holding force. The MX50 cup seemed to form over irregular surface better. While we had trouble picking slightly perforated popcorn bags caused by kernels and the stacking of the bags with suction cups we had in stock, Piab’s new MX50 cups picked the bags up very well without dropping a single one. We are looking forward implementing the MX 50 suction cups into our robotic packaging end-of-arm-tools in the future.”

Michael E. Wymore
Engineering Manager
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

Low vacuum flow

The MX model has exceptional sealing capabilities at lower vacuum levels. There is less vacuum flow needed, even on difficult objects. This makes it a perfect fit for small vacuum systems such as piCOBOT®.

Low wrinkle impact

Take advantage of the low vacuum level design (ideally 30 to 40 -kPa) to avoid denting/wrinkling of surfaces and to have the possibility to re-cycle packages.

Energy saving design

Fantastic sealing performance at lower vacuum flows, this gives a reduction of compressed air usage compared to traditional suction cups.

Durable material

Designed with our high longevity DURAFLEX®. This material features the elasticity of rubber, wear resistance of polyurethane, has fantastic elastic memory and “mark free” capabilities.