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Evolving automation

Selected Joulin grippers join Kenos® portfolio

Piab has integrated three of Joulin’s gripper ranges into its Kenos® portfolio, while the solutions for the heavy duty industries continue to be marketed under the Joulin brand, who’s experts further support these industries in defining the best system for each individual customer.

Mini but mighty – the new Kenos®MiniGrip offers a stable and rigid hold even on rough surfaces

In packaging or food and beverage industry automation processes need to be able to deal with single products as well as complete product layers.
The Kenos®MiniGrip (MKG) is a versatile, compact, easy to install, mini foam vacuum gripper. This small gripper can be installed in arrays in an end-of-arm tool (EOAT). The rectangular version is equipped with multiple suction holes that forgive mispositioning of individual parts and additionally allow handling multiple objects at the same time. The round KMGs can be obtained with either flow restriction or check valve technology. Both, the rectangular and round grippers, perfectly complement Piab’s current portfolio, behaving like a super mini foam gripper, compensating for irregularities of the product surface, rugosity and variances in shapes. Additionally, the KMG offers a rigid support.

Adapt the new versatile Kenos®FlexiGrip to perfectly match your application requirements

In many industries, the flexibility of a robot gripper is key to successful automation. With its foam surface the Kenos®FlexiGrip (KFG) offers the versatility to pick a wide range of different products without adjustment. Its modular design provides the flexibility to adapt the gripper to the specific application of the customer and to allow simple integration into existing equipment. The KFG can be used as a single gripper on robots as well as on cobots or combined into an end-of-arm tool (EOAT) for use with industrial robots. These medium sizes vacuum foam grippers perfectly complement the Piab’s existing Kenos® large area gripper portfolio.

Adapt the new versatile Kenos®FlexiGrip to perfectly match your application requirements

Extremely lightweight and yet robust – the new Kenos®Safe&Light palletizing tool allows to maximize robot usability

SME’s are more and more looking into automizing manually performed palletizing processes. Using cobots or small industrial robots for this purpose, they need easy to install and operate gripping solutions. Robustness and versatility are further requirements to keep machine times up and to maximize usability. The Kenos® Safe&Light (KSL) palletizing tool from Piab is just that – a robust, simple and in addition extremely lightweight solution for a broad range of applications – particularly heavy duty applications – in rugged and dusty environments.