LBG-50 Lightweight Bag Gripper

LBG-50 is a pre-engineered representative of Piab's gripper technology for palletizing.

LBG-50 is a pre-engineered representative of Piab’s gripper technology for palletizing. Whereas ‘Lightweight’ refers to the refined design, LBG-50’s performance is anything but that. It comfortably lifts ≤50 kg sacks off the conveyor and securely places these on a pallet in any desired pattern. If slip sheets are part of the process, LBG-50 may easily be upgraded with a handling system using Piab Duraflex® suction cups and COAX® technology.

•  Lifts bags and sacks of any standard material such as paper, plastic, non-woven and cloth. Vacuum based slip-sheet handling upgrade offered.
•  Bag dimensions up to 495 x 650 x 215 mm and ≤50 kg weight.
•  Adjustable width and finger positions for perfect adaptation to both conveyor and sacks. Active top clamp plate enables a secure vertical grip.

•  Lightweight tool design in aluminum, maximizing the robot’s payload.
•  The valve package can be configured with either Discrete I/O, Ethernet/IP or Profinet.
•  Robust mounting plates with a selection of ISO robot interface as well as undrilled for customization.

Available in a number of configurations to suit different applications.

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
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