GZ20-AS50 Sprue/Part Pliers

  Movement of the jaws by two pistons.
  No inside recuperating spring, therefore no loss of power.
  A wide range of jaws which can be combined among each other.
  Mounting diameter D = 20 mm or M17 x 1
  100 % compatible with common products.

  All components are anodized and offer excellent gliding properties as well as the best possible wearing protection.
  Sensor with 2m cable (version -90 / -91).
  Sensor with 0.3 m cable and M8 connector (version -95).
  Easy jaw change by loosening of the safety caps.

0213345 – GZ20-AS50-10-10 Sprue/part plier with knurled jaws
0213346 – GZ20-AS50-41-41 Sprue/part plier with long jaws
0213347 – GZ20-AS50-50-50 Sprue/part plier with saw tooth jaws
0213348 – GZ20-AS50-60-60 Sprue/part plier with padded jaws
0213349 – GZ20-AS50-10-95 Sprue/part plier with knurled jaws and sensor
0213350 – GZ20-AS50-40-95 Sprue/part plier with shaped jaws and sensor
0213351 – GZ20-AS50-41-96 Sprue/part plier with long jaw and sensor
0213352 – GZ20-AS50-50-95 Sprue/part plier with saw tooth jaws and sensor

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