Small, light-weight, inline ejectors powered by Piab’s patented COAX® technology.

These vacuum pumps combine high security and the most energy-efficient solution for sealed material, COAX® technology with automatic air-saving function. They have a check valve that traps vacuum in sealed applications and an integrated energy saving device that results in virtually no energy consumption. They are excellent products when working with vacuum handling devices that have to comply and fulfil legislated lifting norms for handling devices, for example (DIN/SS) – EN 13155, ASME Standard B30.20, etc.

  Two stage COAX® MINI Xi10-2 ejector gives fast evacuation to 94 -kPa (with ES 65 -kPa)
  Suitable to use as decentralized (one per cup) for maximum safety
  Built-in non-return valve (check valve) which holds vacuum in sealed applications in case of system or power failure
  Suitable for ergonomic lifting devices/manipulators and cranes which has to comply with lifting norms, such as EN 13155 and ASME Standard B30.20 etc.

•  Integrated blow-off release valve for fast and reliable release of object
•  Filter disc to protect unit from dust and particles
•  Vacuum sensing port
•  Optional air saving function (piSECURE ES) can save up to 99% of consumption

   0200984 – piSECURE COAX® Xi10-2 G 1/8″ ES
   0200986 – piSECURE COAX® Xi10-2 G 1/8″
   0210802 – piSECURE COAX® Xi10-2 1/8″ NPSF,ES

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
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