Small, light-weight, inline ejectors powered by Piab’s patented COAX® technology.

piINLINE® are small light-weight inline ejectors that use the patented COAX® technology inside. They can be mounted directly on a hose close to the suction cup (or point of suction). Piab’s piINLINE® ejector program offers much better performance with at least 40-50% lower energy consumption compared to competing inline single-stage ejectors in corresponding sizes. Inline vacuum generators are especially common in electronic/semiconductor pick-and-place applications, dedicated packaging equipment, injection-molding automation and unloading/loading metal forming machines (bending, punching and laser-cutting).

  Patented COAX® cartridge technology.
  High vacuum flow capacity in relation to energy consumption.
  Low weight inline design with push-in fittings for vacuum and compressed air.

•  Quick and easy installation directly on the hose.
•  Si cartridge for extra vacuum flow.

•  Pi cartridge for high performance at low feed pressures.
•  Xi cartridge when high flow and deep vacuum is needed.

  0122032 – piINLINE® vacuum generator MIDI Si, 8-12 mm
  0122899 – piINLINE® vacuum generator MIDI Pi, 8-12 mm
  0122900 – piINLINE® vacuum generator MIDI Xi, 8-12 mm

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
Contact us today for a solution perfect for your individual needs or create an account on the official PIAB website for detailed data sheets and manuals.

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