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A selection of AVAC products now sold under the Piab brand

In August last year Piab acquired AVAC Vakuum Teknik AB, a well-reputed Swedish vacuum specialist with a solid product portfolio. A selection of the AVAC assortment is now included in the Piab range.

August 9, 2022, Piab announced the acquisition of Swedish vacuum automation specialist company AVAC Vakuum Teknik AB. 
“AVAC is a great addition to our automation components business, adding innovative products for especially sealed applications”, Gustav Falconer, President of Piab Vacuum Automation Division, then stated. 
After a few months of preparation, a selection of AVAC:s assortment will now be available under the Piab brand. The new sub-range includes what have been among the company’s most trusted bestsellers of the past few years. 
First in this line comes MFE, a Multi-Functional Ejector with compact, stackable design and proven durability. It has integrated controls such as on/off valve, blow-off, vacuum safety valve and energy saving function. MFE is a great choice for dust intensive processes (IP65 class) and sealed applications where some multi-functionality is appreciated, for example glass or sheet metal handling. It is configurable and can be customized to fit most needs. 
Next out is the Booster-Release Ejector – BRE – designed for ultra-high-speed pick and place applications. With the right designated robot, BRE may generate several lifts per second. The higher speed is made possible through a patented ultra-fast blow-off supported by three flows: from the ejector, the solenoid valve and the exhaust. BRE can handle high-speed sorting and high-volume processes within any industrial sector. 
The third addition to Piab’s vacuum pump range is the Multi-Circuit Ejector, MCE. It is an air driven single-stage ejector with multiple independent vacuum circuits. As each channel has its own nozzle, vacuum is securely maintained in all channels regardless of how many cups in direct contact with the lifted object. MCE is suitable for applications such as in-and-out feeds of metal forming machines. 
In addition to the new pumps, three new vacuum sensors will make their appearance: F08-K which is a compact vacuum switch with IO-Link interface, F09-T-K (recommended for the MCE), a particularly compact analog vacuum sensor designed for cramped spaces, and finally the PICO-02 which is suitable for both centralized and decentralized vacuum ejectors, comes with IO-Link interface and digital display and is fully programmable without any external unit.