piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off

•   Ultra-lightweight decentralized ejector with integrated release function
  Release function based on Exhaust Block principle (EBR), suitable for fast cycle speeds.
•  The EBR-function can be manually activated with a built in EBR-button.
•  EBR with enhanced blow-off – a shunt line for compressed air will amplify and speed up the part release function. Compressed air consumptions increases a bit vs standard EBR during blow-off.

•  Two different ejectors to choose between.
•  Ejector with STX nozzle gives extra fast response and a faster release function. Also recommended in very dirty/dusty environments.
•  Ejector with Ti nozzle for extra high vacuum flow.

•  Generic design and mounting interface, suitable for end-of-arm-tools and suction cup holders used in automotive press-shops.
•  O-ring sealed vacuum port (non-threaded).

  0212890 – piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off COAX® MICRO Ti05-2×2, 8-8 mm
  0212891 – piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off COAX® MICRO Ti05-2×2, 6-6 mm
  0212892 – piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off COAX® MICRO Ti05-2×2, 1/4”-1/4”
  0212893 – piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off STX0785x2, 8-8mm
  0212894 – piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off STX0785x2, 6-6 mm
  0212895 – piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off STX0785x2, 1/4”-1/4”

All of our products come in a variety of options, whether it be materials, fittings or sizes.
Contact us today for a solution perfect for your individual needs or create an account on the official PIAB website for detailed data sheets and manuals.

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